Experiment: Breakfast Burritos

At one point in my life, I used to really dislike eating breakfast. Compared to lunch and dinner, breakfast was the “meal” that would be grabbed on the way out the door and eaten on the car ride to school. More often than not, “breakfast” was a piece of toast with peanut butter, a granola bar, a bag of dry cereal, or merely nonexistent.

Now that I look back on that time, I am at a loss at how I was able to basically skip breakfast and function through the entire morning. These days, coffee is a must along with a filling breakfast every morning, if possible. In the spirit of experimentation, Jonny and I have gone through quite a few trials searching for the perfect breakfast food that is quick, convenient, tastes good, and would leave us satisfied until lunchtime.

First, we tried CLIF builder bars (our favorite is the chocolate mint flavored bar). In my opinion, these bars kind of taste like candy bars, but they are really dense. However, I wanted to try reducing my consumption of processed foods, so a bar was stashed in my backpack for emergencies and we kept searching.

Our second breakfast trial consisted of Nature’s Path organic instant oatmeal packets that we found at Costco. These packets were portable and we could bring them to work and microwave a quick breakfast, but the packets were too sweet and still processed, and they were definitely not big enough for Jonny’s breakfast.

On our third go, we attempted making a big batch of egg, ham, cheese, and english muffin breakfast sandwiches that we then individually froze for weekday mornings. A good idea in theory, re-heating the sandwiches often turned into a soggy, unappetizing mess in the microwave.

So we turned to breakfast burritos.

photo 1 (1)

A highly customizable food item, burritos offer a quick handheld breakfast containing healthy and hearty ingredients wrapped tightly in a flour tortilla. The burritos that we ended up with reflected the lessons learned in past frustrated attempts at this dish, and we are happy to finally share a successful breakfast burrito technique. The secret turned out to be Golden Grill Russet Hashbrown potatoes! The discovery of these inexpensive and delicious dehydrated hashbrowns conveniently sold at Costco (props to Jared for the introduction) addressed the massive obstacle previously impeding any desire we had to make breakfast burritos. We just couldn’t deal with oven-baking diced potatoes for up to 40 mins and then fighting with the majority of the potato pieces impossibly stuck to the baking tray. The Golden Grill hashbrowns, however, require little more than the addition of some boiling water straight into the carton. After a quick 12 minute wait, the potatoes can be browned on the stove and seasoned to taste!

Now on to breakfast burrito making! First, pour some water into the carton of dehydrated hashbrowns. Then, scramble some eggs, brown some diced sausage or other protein (we used chicken and apple sausage), and sautée some veggies (we used spinach once and green bell peppers once). By this time, the hashbrowns should be ready for a quick fry on the stove. Once all the ingredients are ready (we grabbed some shredded mozzarella cheese as well), the breakfast burritos can be assembled! Warm a few flour tortillas in the microwave to make them pliable and then pile the filling in as desired (try not to be overly ambitious so the burrito can close).


Line the assembled burritos seam side down on a lined baking tray and freeze uncovered until solid. Throw all the burritos into a large Ziploc bag* and heat (2 minutes in the microwave is good) and enjoy as needed! Hope that this breakfast burrito technique makes your mornings better! =]

*For convenient heating and eating on the go, we wrapped each burrito in a small piece of paper towel (no need to use a plate in the microwave) before stacking them in the Ziploc bag.


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