Experiment: Cast Iron Skillet Bibimbap

If there is one thing that I love about food, it is the vast variety, color, texture, and flavor that can exist together so beautifully in a single meal or even in a single dish! The reason that authentic Asian food is so often my cuisine of choice is the family-style sharing of food that allows me to try a plethora of entrees and side dishes in a single sitting. Whether enjoying a home-cooked meal, Korean ban chan, or Chinese food around a lazy susan, there is something special about being able to sample a little bit of so many delicious things! For the same reason, potlucks have always held a special place in my heart (especially when amazing cooks will be present)!

But alas, the thought of regularly cooking three or four different entrees for a single meal (along with all the dirty dishes that  inevitably follow) is difficult to imagine, and luckily for us the easy solution came in the form  of this dish…

Bibimbap with beef and assorted veggies
A healthy and full-bodied “cheater version” of the much loved Korean entree, you can easily substitute the stone pot “dolsot” with a cast iron skillet to get the same delicious crunchy rice layer found in the traditional dish. In fact, the cast iron skillet version of this dish probably allowed us to at least double the surface area of crunchy rice produced and resulted in four meals between the two of us.  Another easily customizable meal, I researched quite a few recipes before deciding on our top choices of ingredients and toppings. We ended up preparing huge portions of our bibimbap ingredients and cooked it in 2 separate batches in the skillet.

We mostly followed the recipe found on the blog nourishing matters, but changed up a few of our vegetable toppings and added some meat (thinly sliced chuck roast marinated in bulgogi marinade from the Korean market). The bibimbap came out wonderfully and I would love to share the exact recipe we used, but we honestly never keep track of the ingredient quantities as we cook. For the sake of efficiency and dirty dish minimization, we tend to find a recipe we like for general instructions and then “wing it” on the rest of our recipe modifications. Below are the toppings that we used, each cooked and seasoned separately with a mixture of sesame oil, salt, and pepper.

Get the Recipe Here
Cast Iron Skillet Bibimbap Toppings

  • chopped zucchini
  • grated carrot
  • shiitake mushroom
  • prepared kimchi, roughly chopped
  • yellow onion
  • spinach
  • seasoned bean sprouts (we found this at a Korean market – huge time saver!)
  • thinly sliced chuck roast, marinated in bulgogi marinade (also found at Korean market)
  • Sukoyaka Genmai brown rice
  • fried egg
  • gojuchang sauce (recipe found here)

This was a very successful experiment that we will definitely repeat!


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