Garfield’s Favorite


I have fond memories of reading Garfield comic books as a child.  I don’t really remember much about the series besides the cat’s insatiable appetite for lasagna.  This must have drove Jon crazy because making lasagna is quite the time commitment.  However, I have found both the process as well as the dish itself quite rewarding.

Here are the ingredients I used:

Lasagna IngredientsI

2 Zucchinis

1.25 lb of Lean Ground Turkey

Mozzarella Cheese (2 cups)

Cottage Cheese (32 oz)

2 containers of Homemade Meat Sauce (About 32 oz)

2 Eggs

Whole Wheat Lasagna Pasta Noodles

I began by boiling the water and preheating the oven to 350.  These are some of the steps that should always be done first.  Cut your vegetables and prep your meats when waiting for them to heat up. Otherwise, you will spend 10 minutes standing around feeling dumb because you forgot to boil the water first.

Slice the Zucchini into long thin strips and toss them into the oven.


Mix together the cottage cheese, 2 cups of the mozzarella cheese, 2 eggs, 1 cup of grated parmesan cheese, salt and ground pepper.


Place the lasagna noodles into the boiling water.  Cook them for about 10 minutes.  If you forgot to boil the water first, begin boiling it now. I tried warning you.


Drizzle a pan with some oil and cook the ground turkey on medium heat.  Season accordingly with salt and pepper. Keep moving the turkey around to ensure that all of the meat cooks thoroughly. Once all of the turkey has changed color, toss in the pasta sauce and mix well.


Now its time to assemble the layers of the pasta. Add 1/3 of the pasta mixture, 1/3 of the cheese mixture, and the Zucchini strips for the base layer..  This is a great exercise to see how well you can eyeball volumes of food. In short, I hope you have better success than I did. Cover with lasagna noodles and repeat 2 more times.


Toss it into the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes…


This is the final result!


Overall, I consider this dish a success. The lasagna was not only flavorful but also healthier and cheaper than what I would be able to get at a restaurant. This recipe makes about 6 servings, unless you are really hungry like I was.  I would recommend you to let the lasagna sit for a little longer after taking it out of the oven in order to let it solidify a bit more.  You can also add other vegetables as well for a little more variety.  Other than that, enjoy this dish and feel free to experiment yourself! As always, your comments and questions are appreciated.


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